1. For all you Soundpainters out there, - ‘relate to’

  2. More clapping music, this time multiplied by 6. #stevereich @pmcdiddy #eighthblackbird #msm #cpp 8bb in residence (at Manhattan School of Music)

  3. @eighthblackbird now THIS. is how to do a master class. (at Mannes College The New School For Music)

  4. @lukedubois @neilrolnick @michaellowenstern making sense of my new #OP-1 at Ye Olde Birthday party. (at Spectrum)

  5. A little clapping music for you. From the source. #stevereich #russellhartenburger (at Brooklyn Academy of Music- Opera House)

  6. So many friends tonight too! #marcmellits, @eleanorsandresky,mick rossi, @homeless_greg, to name only a few! And of course Dave Cossin rocked in the shoes of our dear, departed, Jim Preiss. We miss you, Jim. (at Brooklyn Academy of Music- Opera House)

  7. One of the hardest things to do is watch Music for 18 Musicians sitting down. Tonight, I didn’t have to. In fact, had the added pleasure of sharing a box with @reggiewatts. What a great night. Pictured, four people who changed the face of music and the recording industry. - Philip Glass, Bob Hurwitz, Steve Reich and David Bither. #nonesuch (at Brooklyn Academy Of Music (BAM))

  8. My companions for Labor Day weekend.

  9. A new softstep for Shara from @keithmcmillen to run that @ableton set. She’s set! @mybrightestdiamond

  10. Joining Joe Tucker at Sweetleaf tonight. Many can Groove, many can pour, but few can groove AND pour. #badasspercussiontender (at Sweetleaf Cocktails)